About us

It used to be a Catch 22!!! The busier you get the harder it is to meet people. You’ve studied hard and now work even harder as you build your career. You want to meet high quality people but more often than not they’re just as busy as you are. Or, maybe you just haven’t been able to find them. Or, maybe you just want more options. We’ve got you covered.

Catch 22 is an exclusive dating website that attracts and serves busy, ambitious and great to hang out with catches like yourself. By leveraging the quality of our pre-screened, verified network and our customized profile privacy settings, we take the stress and hassle out of online dating. Read: we’re taking out the work part and adding back the excitement and fun.

How does Catch22 work?

If you think Catch22 is a good fit for you, fill out an application to join our community of young professionals & graduate students.
Once you’re accepted, all you need to do to get started is fill out your basic profile. It only takes a few minutes!
Add more to your profile when you get a chance or update it later. Using our privacy settings, you control who can see your profile.
Save time by specifying characteristics of people you definitely want to be matched with and people you already know won't work for you. We'll make sure to factor this in when matching you.
When you log-in, check for new matches. They include people who’ve expressed interest in you and others that we think might be a good fit.
Run a customized search at any time.
If you and one of your matches have both indicated that you are interested in messaging each other based on your profiles (to eliminate those awkward “thanks but no thanks” exchanges), start a conversation and see how things go.
Get to know your matches using our messaging system and if you have time join us at our events.