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Catch22Dating is a community of highly educated, successful singles including graduate students and young professionals in their 20s and 30s. At Catch22, we understand the unique dating needs, interests, and time limitations of pharmacists. Privacy and trust in who you are matched with are of the utmost importance. We verify your dates and help screen for you so that you can focus on getting to know your matches. Meeting like-minded, smart singles who value education, professional achievement and living life to the fullest has never been easier. Whether you matriculated from the Ivy League, a great state school or built your career from the ground up, Catch22Dating is the online dating site for pharmacists like you.

Online Dating for Pharmacists

Catch22Dating understands the demands of a career in pharmacy. Whether you are in pharmacy school, completing training through residency, or practicing as a professional, your time is valuable and you don’t want to spend it combing through profiles you know will never work. The Catch22 community is comprised of only the highest quality, educated singles, giving you the best opportunity for finding a match.

We recognize that being a pharmacist takes significant time and effort. That’s why Catch22 saves you time and hassle by offering automated match recommendations as new members join the site, efficient searching and match management as well as easy to create profiles.

Further, you’ve worked hard to get to where you are today and we think you should have the opportunity to distinguish yourself in the dating market by highlighting these achievements. We believe joining Catch22Dating’s community of highly educated, verified singles is one of the best ways to do so.

  • Focused community for only the highest quality singles
  • Automated match recommendations and easy to create profiles save you time
  • Opportunity to distinguish yourself in the dating market
Dating for Pharmacists

The Top 3 Challenges for Single Pharmacists (and How to Overcome Them!)

At Catch22, we know that finding great dates as a pharmacist can sometimes be challenging. That’s why we’ve pulled together our top 3 list on ways to overcome those challenges.

1)   Location, location, location

  • Although location is everything in real estate, and feels like it’s everything when it comes to dating, the truth is you just never know how you will ultimately meet someone. Sure, being in big cities like New York and Chicago where successful singles abound can certainly help your odds, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll find the right matches for you.
  • Instead, Catch22 recommends focusing on ways to increase your network and chances of meeting other singles. Targeting your specific interests can also help. For example, why not go to some pharmaceutical events and conferences this year? Or, join a pharmaceutical association in your town. Our best advice is, naturally, to join an online dating site. It’s by far one of the most effective ways to expand your network without physically being all over the country. Of course, with sites like Catch22Dating, you can also ensure you’re getting introduced to successful, educated singles you’re actually interested in meeting.

2)   Timing is everything

  • Barely have enough time to study let alone date? Pursuing a career in pharmacy is time consuming and demanding, not to mention the odd hours you are sometimes required to work. When you finally do free up, you’re probably ready to relax, catch up with friends or sleep!
  • Catch22 has some ideas on how to fit dating into your already packed schedule without short changing your dates or chances of meeting someone great. Instead of long dinners and evening dates, try a shorter meal like brunch or lunch. Alternatively, “multi-tasking” can be another great date option for you. For example, if you meet someone who likes working out too, you could try going for a hike.

3)   Keeping it real

  • Concerned you’re meeting people more interested in your job than your personality? Let’s face it, dating a pharmacist has a nice ring to it. How can you filter out the superficial people from the good ones?
  • Catch22 recommends delving into topics that require thoughtfulness and probing conversation. Get to know each other through more in-depth discussions. But don’t reveal everything off the bat. If the person on the other end of the table is actually interested in getting to know you, they will ask you questions too. If they’re the right fit, they’ll ask the questions that matter.