What People are Saying

“I really like the focus of Catch22 – it’s one more way I can meet the type of people I am looking for”
-Female, 30, Corporate Strategy
Common Ground:
“I’m looking to find someone like-minded who I can actually have an interesting conversation with”
-Marco, 32, Finance
“I felt secure dating in college, because I trusted my fellow classmates. Catch22 gives me that same type of confidence. It's as if I'm dating a friend of a friend.”
-Jean, 32, Media and Entertainment
Distinguish Yourself:
“I have no problem picking up girls in bars, but I’m too busy for the B.S.”
-Jeremiah, 28, Finance
“I’ve worked hard and am passionate about my career; it’s nice to know that someone out there cares”
-Diego, 27, Sales & Trading
“Catch22 helps you meet great girls without your buddies or people at work finding out you're on the site. You can keep your dating life private.”
-A.S., 31, Physician