Privacy Features

Choose to keep your profile hidden from:

  • Work colleagues
  • Graduate school classmates
  • Friends, family members and acquaintances

How it works:

  • If applicable, fill out your company, graduate level field of study, grad school and grad school graduation year in the about me section of your profile. If you don’t want your matches to be able to see these fields, unclick the “Visible” box next to these fields.
  • Under Privacy, choose which types of people you do not want to be matched with. This allows you to completely hide your profile for both search and match functions.
  • Type in the names & email addresses of specific people you would like to hide your profile from.

Privacy Policies

Catch22 is dedicated to ensuring your private information is protected. We promise that we will:

  • Not share or sell your email address or contact information to advertisers
  • Keep your birth date, email address and phone number private from other Catch22 members
  • Not share your birth date, email address, phone number, undergraduate school, graduate school or employer with third parties with the exception of our verification partners